Monthly Archives: May 2016

Week 13 Fantasy NASCAR

Izzy is on fire!  Her first week she scored a second place finish and this week first.  Watch out!  And Ayden a first place finish last week and third this week.  What are you feeding these kids Pete lol?  I don’t know about everyone else but I was pumped Truex dominated and actually won the race.  He has had such bad luck I am glad he pulled this one off.  Truex and his girlfriend are such classy people.


Week 12 – Fantasy NASCAR

Dover was another example of the great racing we have been seeing since the new low down force package this year.  Congrats to Ayden G for his win.  He found the secret sauce for success in this Talladega like race this week.  Honorable mention goes out to Izzy G for her second place finish and first race of the year.  Way to make a splash Izzy.  Kirt P rounds out the top three.  He has been coming on strong late in the first segment.


Week 11 Fantasy NASCAR

Cory C gets his first win of the season.  Congrats Cory C!  Bruce charges hard for a second place finish and Dwayne makes it on the podium in third.



Battlefield 1 – Suuuwweeet!

BF4 – Lead #1 wOOt!