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March 26th, 2017 Fantasy NASCAR

It was just a matter of time before Jeff Ward scored his first victory.  Nobody was even close as he scored 221 points this week for the top spot.  We had a tie for second place between Jack K and Lisa Fitz with 207 points.  Both have been doing well and making a push towards the top in the over all standings.  I got lucky with some late race cautions to bring my total to 204 putting me in third place.  Next week we move on to a rubbin’ is racing short track.  Good luck lol!

March 19th, 2017 Fantasy NASCAR

I went from zero last week to hero this week with 226 points.  Jack nailed a solid second place finish with 216 points.  Jeff Ward rounded out the top three with 197.  Stage racing and a late caution brought out lead changes and crazy strategies.  Newman stays out on old tires and wins.  Really?  Looks like anything goes this year.  Don’t fall asleep.  You just might miss something lol!

March 12th, NASCAR Fantasy Results

Mike Ward crushed it with 193 points in first place.  Moose came in a close second with 191 points.  Kasey rounded out the top three with 183 points.  Moose closed the gap to first place in the overall with his big run.  Can he take the lead next week in Phoenix?

March 5th, 2017 Fantasy NASCAR

The second race of BigDawgzGaming Fantasy NASCAR proved to be a crazy up and down day for all the teams.  In the end Lisa Fitz took first place with 187 points.  Lisa is no newcomer to victory lane.  Her daughter, Kasey, ended up in second place with 185 points.  That was an amazing score since one of her drivers picked didn’t even run today.  Then there was a tie for third place between Mac and Jeff W with 172 points.  Their day was almost ruined when Boyer cut a tire.  Somehow he managed to stay on the lead lap.  Kudos to his team for making that happen.

February 28th, 2017 Patch

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