How can Jimmie Johnson not be considered one of the best drivers ever?  After starting from the back of the field due to a last minute gear change, he drove to the front and won the freaking race.  With number 13 in the books Bruce Alexander took the top spot.  He has been on a roll the last few weeks.  With 193 points it was not even close. Kasey Muench's team is one to watch with another top three finish at 181 points.  Kasey appears to be a chip off the ole block.  Greg Britt overcomes some driver issues to round out the top three with 178 points.  No quit in Britt this week!

Kansas was an exciting three wide racing mile and a half track.  After the barrage of cautions at the end, Kirt Pequignot amassed a whopping 211 points to take another first place win.  Raising Kahne was strong all night and finished second with 191 points.  Jeff Ward and Jack Kibbler tied for third place with 184 points.  Kirt Pequignot, Jeff Ward and Mike Ward have been the model of consistency of the past few weeks.  They have put themselves in a position to win Segment one.  Only a handful of points separate the top four teams in the standings.  Next week will be a nail biter to see who can come out on top in Segment 1.  On to Charlotte Motor Speedway for the final race in the Spring segment.

We all went to bed thinking Kirt's team had won.  But after NASCAR tallied the points Mike Ward's team came out on top with 204 points.  Mike's team has been unstoppable the last three weeks.  Congrats to Mike!  Kirt's team has been rolling this season as well.  Although, after a shocking development, they received a second place finish with 202 points.  Not shabby, but not the win they thought they had after the race.  Jeff Bucy's team was strong all day finishing in third place with 200 points.

Richmond saw long green flag runs and few cautions until the end of the race.  Commitment cone violations or, as one driver put it, balls and strikes, bit several drivers today.  When the final laps wound down Kirt's team was out front smoking everybody with a total of 219 points today.  Congrats to Kirt for his first win of the season.  Mac came in second with an impressive 181 points.  Donald, aka my dad, had another good points day taking third place with 174 points.  Now everyone, get ready to roll the dice... on to Talladega wOOt!