We all went to bed thinking Kirt's team had won.  But after NASCAR tallied the points Mike Ward's team came out on top with 204 points.  Mike's team has been unstoppable the last three weeks.  Congrats to Mike!  Kirt's team has been rolling this season as well.  Although, after a shocking development, they received a second place finish with 202 points.  Not shabby, but not the win they thought they had after the race.  Jeff Bucy's team was strong all day finishing in third place with 200 points.

Richmond saw long green flag runs and few cautions until the end of the race.  Commitment cone violations or, as one driver put it, balls and strikes, bit several drivers today.  When the final laps wound down Kirt's team was out front smoking everybody with a total of 219 points today.  Congrats to Kirt for his first win of the season.  Mac came in second with an impressive 181 points.  Donald, aka my dad, had another good points day taking third place with 174 points.  Now everyone, get ready to roll the dice... on to Talladega wOOt!

Another one two punch by the Wards this week.  Jeff Ward takes first place with 150 points.  His team has been unstoppable.  His Dad, Mike Ward takes another second place with 148 points.  There has been some rumbling in the garage about flared fenders and weaving back and forth at the end of races to reset some components.  Maybe another trip through inspection for these two teams?  Either way keep an eye on the Ward duo.  They are moving to the front in overall points in a hurry.  Jeff Bucy's team makes it way to the front this week with a third place finish.  Only a few points separated him from the top spot.  Great job!  Now on to Richmond wOOt!

Jeff Ward pulls out his second win this season with an amazing points total of 282.  At one point Jeff had over 300 points.  All I can say is daymn lol!  His dad, Mike Ward follows up with a stout second place finish with 271 points.  My dad, Donald Hamm rounds out the top three with 270 points.  Way to go dad!  It was dad and son duo day yesterday as Jeff and his dad got first and second.  My dad and I got third and fourth.  How cool right?  Either way most teams accumulated lots of points this week.  Good job to everyone.  Enjoy a week off.  See you at Bristol in two weeks.